Thomas Pittman Home Inspections

11 Month Home Inspections

What is an 11 Month Home Inspection?

An 11 month home Inspection is a visual evaluation of the readily and accessible areas of the home at time of Inspection. The inspection is based on the simple concept of Durability and serviceability. The idea of this inspection is to outline any issues before the 1 year warranty is up by the contractor. After the 1 year period you may not have any re-course for defective issues

Why should I have an 11 Month Home Inspection?

Simply put, Peace of mind. This inspection could help in a number of ways even if had a new home inspection before purchasing.

Can I perform my own 11 Month Inspection?

You can or have a family member or a contractor you know. Be aware that plenty of issues could get overlooked. Has a Certified home Inspector I attend continuing education hours every year and have inspected thousands of homes over the years. Even a very good contractor would be hard pressed to perform an Inspection like I perform let alone generate a State Of The Art Inspection Report that is completely narrative (no check boxes) along with digital photos showing the issues / conditions.

How to choose a Home Inspector

Talk to several home Inspectors then pick the one you feel most comfortable with. The inspector should have construction back round and be familiar about current building practices.