Thomas Pittman Home Inspections

Home Inspections for Contractors

As a Contractor why should I pay you when I can do Inspection?

  • First, we do Inspections for contractors on a regular basis. A number of reasons could be made why. Below are a few:
    • We perform these Inspections everyday. We report on items that you may or may not realize. We have computers to help with this
    • We have lots of helpers such as moisture meters, state of the art electrical testers, laser thermometer and Infrared Cameras.
    • Do you really want to take time out of your busy schedule for this? We will perform inspection and deliver a State-Of-The-Art Inspection report with photos.

Here are some suggestions to pick your home Inspector.

  • Look in the Dex phone book for Inspectors Under Home Inspections.
  • Always use an Inspector that belongs to a Home Inspector association.
  • Use an experienced Inspector – Call and ask about this – Very important.
    My average Inspection time is 21/2-3 hours for a 2000 Square foot home and under. There are lots of new Inspectors out there that have no back round in construction.
  • Fees are generally determined by the size, age and location of home.
    I may not be the cheapest Inspector or most expensive but; I thrive to be the best. I charge a fair Inspection fee for an outstanding Inspection and state of the art Inspection report. Most Inspectors are not willing to invest the money and time (learning curve that comes with state of the art software)
  • Some Inspectors refer conditions to licensed professionals.
    Any good Inspector will recommend the proper contractor for the needed work.